Our Treatment Stories

Many people with relapsing MS who have the choice to take treatment say their decision is complicated.

Deciding whether you want to treat your MS, or how, can depend on many factors. It’s as individual as you are. Our Treatment Stories are honest accounts from people with relapsing MS about how they made a decision about treatment.

They're presented as an interactive video. There are audio described versions of these videos

Making your treatment decision

More on disease modifying therapies (DMTs)

If you have relapsing MS, there's a number of DMTs you can take.

And if you’re on a DMT that isn’t working for you, there’s probably another one that will work better.

Find out more about DMTs

Getting treatment

You have the right to ask about getting treatment for your MS.

This is true no matter what kind of MS you have - or how long you’ve had it.

Read about getting treatment for MS

Treating progressive MS

Although there are no DMTs available for progressive MS yet, there are other ways to manage your condition.

Find out about symptom treatments and the latest research.

Find out about treating progressive MS

Pregnancy and MS treatments

Many people are diagnosed with MS when they might be thinking about starting a family.

MS shouldn't stop you having a baby.

Planning your appointment

When you see your specialist it’s easy to forget questions that were on your mind.

Take our checklist to your next appointment to help you talk through what you want and how to get it.

Use our treatments checklist

Find local support

Our local support volunteers are here to help you to investigate your treatment options.

If you feel you're not getting a treatment you're entitled to you can contact our regional external relations team.

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When my neurologist told me it was the first time I didn’t have any new or active lesions, it kind of shifted my mindset from being really down to being happy and positive. Natalie has relapsing MS

Getting treatment

We know it’s not always easy to get to see someone about your MS.

If you’re having difficulty getting an appointment or treatment, read our information about getting treatment or get in touch with one of our regional officers.


Find out more about getting treatment