Photo: Crunched up cigarette

Smoking and MS

There's a range of things you can do to manage your MS. And if you smoke, making a plan to give up is one of them.

The evidence is clearer than ever: smoking can make your MS worse.

It can speed up how fast you become disabled. It can also mean more and bigger lesions and more relapses.

You won’t feel it with each cigarette, but the damage is happening inside your brain.

Making a quit attempt together

We know how hard it can be to give up smoking. But wherever you live in the UK, there's support available to help you quit. Choose your route today.

If you live in England - find help on the Smokefree website

If you live in Scotland - find help on the NHS 

If you live in Wales - find help on the Help Me Quit website

If you live in Northern Ireland - find help on the Want 2 Stop website

What's the evidence?

Download our smoking and MS factsheet