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Care and support evidence

People with MS often need support to stay independent, and essential support is often provided by family and friends.

We look at the evidence on the needs and barriers of people with MS receiving this essential support. And what provisions are in place for friends and family offering support to someone with MS and what more needs to be done.

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End the Care Crisis

We know the social care system in England is in crisis. 1 in 3 people living with MS aren’t getting the support they need with essential everyday activities like washing, dressing and eating.

In this report, we move beyond the statistics. People affected by MS share what social care really means to them and their families.

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Family members and friends aren’t being supported

Family and friends provide vital support to people with MS, often stepping in to fill gaps in state support with significant impact on their own lives.

In 2019, we surveyed family members and friends providing regular care and support to someone with MS in the UK. We found that over half of those supporting someone with MS don’t have the practical, emotional or financial support they need. This is despite the fact that 41% of people spent 35 hours or more a week providing support – the equivalent of a full-time job.

We'll be working hard to improve the support we offer, and to campaign for UK Governments to do the same.

Download our MS family and friends 2019 survey findings