Photo: Woman with MS talking to health care professional

Models of best practise

Evidence shows that access to the right health and care professionals, clear and appropriate information as well as effective care coordination contribute to better outcomes for people with MS.

In this section we want to highlight outstanding and innovative services for people with MS.

FACETS report

FACETS (Fatigue: applying cognitive behavioural and energy effectiveness techniques to lifestyle) is a way of managing MS fatigue which includes energy effectiveness and cognitive behavioural approaches.

We surveyed professionals who’ve been trained to deliver FACETS, to estimate of the number of people with MS who are benefiting from it.

Download our FACETS report

Innovative models of care

To live well with MS, people need the right healthcare, information, and support that meets a range of their needs.

To share how some services are achieving this, we commissioned evaluations of two services that we identified as being innovative models of care. This is when a service is providing outstanding support for people with MS, or doing it in a way that hasn’t been done before.

These evaulations explore the impact each model of care have on people’s health and wellbeing and the quality of the care they receive. They also look at how well the models might work if applied to other areas.