We’ve never been closer to stopping MS than we are today.

By 2025, we want to be in the final stages of testing treatments for everyone with MS. Treatments that slow or stop disability progression.

We believe £100 million could take us to a future where no one has to worry about their MS getting worse. But we can't do it without your support.

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Hand wearing perspex glove testing a dropper of blood

£30 could process one blood sample

One single blood sample could give researchers crucial information about genes and the immune system as they search for new treatments.
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Woman researcher in lab coat using a microscope

£50 could pay for an hour on a microscope 

Scientists use high powered microscopes to study cells and tissue in greater detail and improve their understanding of the biology of MS.
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MRI scanner bench from inside a scanner

£100 could pay for half an hour of MRI use

MRI scanning is a crucial technique used to monitor the success of clinical trials and understand MS in more detail.
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What is MS?

What's happening in your body when you have MS?

Read about the science and learn about some of the possible causes of MS.

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How we'll stop MS

Research breakthroughs have transformed our understanding of progression.

MS researchers have a three-step plan to stop MS.

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By 2025, we want to be in the final stages of testing treatments for everyone with MS.

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