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Types of bladder problem

There are two main types of bladder problems in MS: problems with storage and problems with emptying.

Doctors aren’t sure why some people get one and not the other, or why some people get a bit of both.

If everything is working as it should, bladder control is something most people tend to take for granted. When your bladder is getting full, a warning system between your brain and bladder tells you that you should go to the toilet – and you can usually ‘hold on’ until you get to one.

The muscles in the bladder need to work in coordination with each other when storing and emptying. One relaxes while the other contracts. Problems happen when something goes wrong with this system.

What causes bladder problems?

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    During the journey I suddenly felt the need to pee. Not the slow, rising need everyone normally feels after a few drinks. No, a sudden switch. From no need at all to total desperation.  Mark, MS blogger and campaigner

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