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Everyday living

Everyone's MS is different, but however it affects us, we all want to live well.

We're here to help you do just that with information on

And a whole community of people to reach out to.

Life with MS during lockdown

We've worked closely with our medical advisers to bring together all the latest information on life with MS during lockdown.

Read the latest information about care and support and coronavirus

Managing your MS

Exercises for managing your symptoms

We've worked with neurophysiotherapist Rachel to create exercises to help you manage your symptoms. You can do them anywhere - even while waiting for the kettle to boil! There is an audio described version of this video.

Watch videos to help you manage your symptoms

MS treatments

Find all the information you need to discuss your treatment options with your specialist.

Read about MS treatments

Local support

Our local groups support you to get the help you need, from practical or financial information to a cup of tea and a chat.
Find your local group

Managing symptoms

Everyone experiences MS differently. Find out more about your symptoms and how to manage them.

Find out about managing symptoms
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Getting around

MS can affect your ability to get around. In this section, you can find out about mobility aids and driving with MS. There's also information about accessible public transport.

Read about getting around with MS
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Working and MS

This section will help you understand what a diagnosis of MS can mean for your working life. There's information for employers, and some practical tools to help you manage your MS at work.
Read about working and MS
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Eating and drinking

Eating well helps your body work at its best.

Find personal stories and the latest research into diet and MS.

Read more about eating and drinking

Family and relationships

Wondering how to talk about MS with your friends and loved ones? Or maybe you want to know more about sex and MS.
Read about MS and relationships

Breaks and holidays

Thinking about taking a break and need some help arranging it?

Our MS Short Breaks Service is here for you.

Read about breaks and holidays


Life can be stressful, and MS doesn’t help. It’s easy to get caught up in our thoughts and worries. Mindfulness is one way people take back control.

Read about mindfulness and MS

Staying active

MS Active Together

We know that sometimes, MS symptoms can make it hard to be active. So we've created a range of workouts designed to suit different levels of mobility.

In this video, fitness instructor Dom Thorpe demonstrates some gentle warm up exercises. There is an audio described version of this video.

Find exercises to suit you

Keep up to date

Breaking MS news

Catch up with all the latest MS-related news, including stories on treatments, health and social care and disability benefits.
Stay up to date with MS news

Latest MS research

Updates from our research team on all the latest MS scientific breakthroughs.
Get the latest MS research news
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Find support near you

We can't meet face-to-face right now. But there's still lots of ways to connect with people near you who understand what life's like with MS. From coffee mornings to online yoga classes. Put in your postcode to find out what's near you.

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